Car Accidents

Thursday, November 20, 2008 by Audrey
This morning as I was driving to work I witnessed my first car accident! Okay, so it's not exactly something to be proud of, but I was a little excited nonetheless. I was driving on a two-lane road where one of the lanes was stopped behind a bus at a bus stop. One of the cars behind the bus got impatient and swerved into the other lane, but must not have checked her mirrors because there were several cars coming--she ran right into another car because she was impatient. Now, I've never been in a serious car accident, but I've come pretty close, and if I wasn't paying attention my little car probably wouldn't be drivable today.

My question is this. Have any of you ever gotten in a car accident because you made a stupid mistake like the driver today? Or gotten pulled over because of a stupid mistake? (I have! It was late and I was tired. There was a straight section of road where there were two stoplights right after each other. I checked the first stoplight and it was green, so I looked ahead to the next light. Unfortunately, the light changed as I was looking ahead and I almost hit a cop who was turning into my lane on his green light. Oops! Don't worry, mom, I didn't get a ticket and I haven't run a red light since :) )
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