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Tuesday, January 13, 2009 by Audrey
My first time volunteering at the library was as great as I anticipated it would be. I got there early and they just threw a few assignments at me and told me to get them done. There is nothing I like better than having a solitary assignment I complete with very little interaction with others (And yes, I know I sound sarcastic. Let it be said that I am not. At least, that sentence was not.). They recently ordered a slew of new periodicals and needed to reorganize their magazine collection to make room for them, and they asked me to do it. I went through their new serials orders and relabeled everything and moved all the old magazines around. It wasn't very difficult and only took, I don't know, 2 hours? And I was working slowly--it was quite relaxing, really. And yet, when I told them I was done they seemed a little astonished. Oh, sorry, library staff, did I fail to tell you I'm a quick learner and a fast worker and you'll need to prepare a lot of work for me to do? Sorry that I'm averse to exclaiming my strengths too loudly. Perhaps that should be a line on the volunteer application: "Are you capable of working accurately and quickly based on instructions that you only had to hear once?" Honestly, this wasn't something I thought would be a surprise. I always like the first week on a job because it's nice to have other people how great you are. Sometimes it's hard hanging out with only smart people because you forget that you're smart too.

Okay, now that I've displayed my outrageous humility enough for the day, do any of you have experiences to share when you did something well and were proud of yourself?
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