Tax Season!

Saturday, January 30, 2010 by Audrey
I know I'm a gigantic dork, but I really like tax season. I usually wait for my W-2 forms with bated breath. Well, this year, I knew I would be getting a refund. I always do, since I don't make that much money. So I was debating between getting either a sewing machine or a bike. They both have their own savings accounts on ING Direct, and they've been planned purchases for a while, but I've been funnelling money to my credit card (which is finally paid off, and is now in a hidden spot in my room so I won't use it) and the accounts have been neglected. I was leaning toward a bike, because I live in a flat place and it would be nice to be able to ride to the grocery store, the library, etc.

I finally received my W-2 and filed my taxes today (through, which I can't praise highly enough). It looks like I'm getting both. I screamed when I saw the amount of my federal return--it was a lot higher than I was expecting and than what I've received in the past few years, since I started at my job. A LOT higher. Hooray for medical deductions (well, dentist and eyeglass deductions), moving deductions, student loan interest deductions, and tuition credits! My account in will look very flush once February rolls around.

I'm not going to be posting by book reviews in the same format this year, but most of my books will be reviewed at my two class blogs: and They're both blank at the moment, but they will start filling up pretty rapidly. It's going to be a busy semester, but I love it!
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