Books read in 2010, continued

Sunday, January 2, 2011 by Audrey
Um, yeah. Blogging hasn't worked out for me as far as consistency goes. But I still want to keep a good list of the books I've read this year. Here are the books I've read since May 31:

78. For the Win, by Cory Doctorow. Finished May 31.
79. On Royalty, by Jeremy Paxman. Finished June 5
80. A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving. Finished June 8.
81. The Dead-Tossed Waves, by Carrie Ryan. Finished June 10.
82. The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, by Elna Baker. Finished June 10.
83. Forest Born, byShannon Hale. Finished June 12.
84. The King's Eqyal, by Katherine Paterson. Finished June 12.
85. 1968, by Michael Kaufman. Finished June 13.
86. Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, by John Scalzi.
87. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.
88. Acting in Film, by Michael Caine. Finished July 13.
89. Tales from Outer Suburbia, by Shawn Tan. Finished July 10.
90. Prom Nights from Hell, various authors. Finished July 14.
91. A Working Stiff's Manifesto: A Memoir of Thirty Jobs, by Iain Levinson. Finished July 20.
92. Going Bovine, by Libba Bray. Finished July 21.
93. House Lust, by Daniel McGinn. Finished July 23.
94. Blood Secrets: Chronicles of a Crime Scene Reconstructionist, by Rod Englert. Finished July 25.
95. Frindle, by Andrew Clements. Finished July 26.
96. Sorta Like a Rock Star, by Matthew Quick. Finished July 28.
97. Knights of the Kitchen Table, by Jon Sciezka. Finished July 28.
98. Everything on a Waffle, by Polly Horvath. Finished July 28.
99. All My Patients Are Under the Bed, by Louis Camuti.FInished August 1.
100. I Have Lived in the Monster: Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious Serial Killers, by Robert Ressler. Finished August 3.

101. Blankets, by Craig Thompson. Finished August 4.
102. I Am Not a Serial Killer, by Dan Wells. Finished August 4.
103. Story of a Girl, by Sara Zarr. Finished August 5.
104. Born to Rock, by Gordon Korman. Finished August 5.
105. Election, by Tom Perrotta. Finished August 7.
106. Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker. Finished August 8.
107. Empire Falls, by Richard Russo. Finished August 19.
108. Feed, by Mira Grant. Finished August 19.
109. A Match Made in High School,  by Kristin Walker. Finished August 20.
110. City Chic, by Nina Willdorf. Finished August 21.
111. Leap Day, by Wendy Mass. Finished August 22.
112. The Gift of Fear, by Gavin de Becker. Finished August 26.
113. Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway. Finished August 26.
114. Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins. Finished August 28.
115. Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins. Finished August 28.
116. Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, by Ally Carter. Finished August 29.
117. The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath. Finished September 3.
118. Because I Am Furniture, by Thalia Chaltas. Finished September 4.
119. Z for Zechariah, by Robert O'Brien. Finished September 4.
120. All the President's Men, by Woodward and Bernstein. Finished September 5.
121. My Man Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse. Finished September 11.
122. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, by Cory Doctorow. Finished September 12.
123. The Introvert Advantage, by Laney.  Finished September 19.
124. The Culture of Fear, by Barry Glassner. Finished September 26.
125. Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, by Frost and Steketee. Finished September 29.
126. Bait and Switch, by Barbara Ehrenreich. Finished September 29.
127. World War Z, by Max Brooks. Finished October 3.
128. Packing for Mars, by Mary Roach. Finished October 9.
129. The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death, by Laurie Notaro. Finished October 17.
130. The Cold War: A New History, by John Lewis Gaddis. Finished October 19.
131. Be Thrifty (...not cheap!), by Pia Catton-Suntree. Finished October 21.
132. One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding, by Rebecca Mead. Finished October 21.
133. Y the Last Man: Unmanned, by Brian Vaughn. Finished October 21.
134. Life is a Banquet, by Rosalind Russel. Finished October 22.
135. Marie Antoinette: A Life, by Antonia Fraser. Finished October 31.
136. Tales of the Madman Unerground, by John Barnes. Finished October 31.
137. Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover, by Ally Carter. Finished October 31.
138. Midwives, by Chris Bohjalian. Finished November 6.
139. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie. Finished November 6.
140. Hate List, by Jennifer Brown. Finished November 7.
141. The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau.  Finished November 7.
142. The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde. Finished November 8.
143. Then We Came to the End, by Joshua Ferris. Finished November 17.
144. Machine of Death: A Collection of Stories about People Who Know How They Will Die, edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki!. Finished November 17.
145. Hush, by Donna Jo Napoli. Finished November 29.
146. The World According to Garp, by John Irving. Finished December 5.
147. The Way Men Act, by Elinor Lipman. Finished December 11.
148. Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson. Finished December 26.
149. The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why it Matters, by Rose George. Finished December 29.
150. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, by Aimee Bender. Finished December 30.

If I had the time or energy, I would rate them. Unfortunately, I have neither.

Also, I'm dating someone awesome. I'm trying not to talk to much about it for fear I'll jinx it, but it's going really well. Hooray!
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