The Big Easy

Friday, June 24, 2011 by Audrey
I'm in New Orleans for the American Library Association's annual conference. What have I learned so far?

1. The South is as humid as you've heard. If you're planning to travel there? Make sure you bring twice the number of shirts as you think you'll need, because you'll sweat right through them.

2. Drunk guys really like librarians. REALLY like librarians. I've been hit on by three guys since I left my hotel 30 minutes ago to find somewhere to eat. I shouldn't have worn a shirt that advertises my profession. From the responses I've gotten on the street tonight, you'd think I was advertising a different profession (the oldest one, if you know what I mean...)

2a. Boyfriend thinks it's awesome that I got hit on so much. He said "good job." Thanks, honey! It would be nice if you were here to keep men from grabbing me, though! I'm not interested in being hugged by random drunk guys I don't know! Especially when they're super sweaty and stinky! And when they think it's appropriate to ask a perfect stranger inappropriate questions about her sexual preferences!

3. Bourbon Street is kind of gross. I knew it was famous. I just didn't realize it was famous for bars and strip clubs.

4. Jazz music on every corner is a real phenomenon. It's pretty cool.

5. It's legal to smoke in bars (and in the restaurants sharing space with bars). Living in California (where smoking anywhere in public, pretty much, is illegal) has coddled me a bit when it comes to that.

But you know what? I'm still kind of loving it. There's a certain ambiance that comes from staying smack dab in the middle of the French Quarter. The history of the place is impossible to miss. And what I've seen of the conference so far has been excellent. Dan Savage (of the amazing It Gets Better Project) was the keynote speaker at the opening session, and was wonderful. The exhibit hall is gigantic and there are tons of giveaways and other swag. And I'm looking forward to the job placement fair tomorrow. I'm glad to be here! Pictures to come once I'm home and blogging from my computer instead of my phone.

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Joshua Tolley said...

Fun for you... the jazz on every corner reminds me of a work trip I took to Jacksonville, FL once. I suspect the jazz in New Orleans is both better and more plentiful.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an amazing time so far.
The jazz must definitely be a treat.
Enjoy the ambiance, soak in some history, play a piano, and sweat through your tshirts.