To do before April 26

Saturday, April 14, 2007 by Audrey
  • Write a 20-page paper on gendered attitudes regarding cell-phone use among college-age young adults in Provo
  • Write a 5-page annotated bibliography of current linguistic research about cell phones
  • Write a 6-page paper on S-curve distribution of thou vs. ye in Early Modern English
  • Take a written final on Hans Christian Andersen
  • Take a written final on sociolinguistics
  • Take a written analytical final of the tools and motifs of selected French and Italian film clips
  • Take a final about the syntax, phonology, pragmatics, prose, rhetorical structures, and major authors and genres of Early Modern English
  • Pass all said finals so I can graduate
  • Meet my sister's boyfriend
  • Find a way to get 9 tickets to graduation (when I am only certain of getting 3)
  • Pay my credit card bill
  • Pay my cell phone bill
  • Rent a U-Haul to get all my stuff home to San Diego
  • Hang out with my grandma at least 2 more times before I move away
  • Go to lunch with my two sisters
  • Be prepared on a Relief Society lesson for Sunday in case my teacher bails on me
  • Get addresses of all the people who I want to tell when I get my mission call
  • Set appointments for all the doctors and dentists I need for my mission papers
  • Call Kelly Services to set up a job for the four months until I hope to leave on my mission
  • Take a picture of myself, with my hair done and in missionary attire, for said papers (it's the doing my hair part that will be my downfall)
  • Get my illegally downloaded copies of Season 3 of the Office from my friend so that my addictions can be sated over the summer
  • Pack up all the stuff I've accumulated through the last 4 years and figure out how to transport it back to California

I can do it, right?
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metamorphose said...

I have faith in you.

See, you don't even have time for a boyfriend. So I wouldn't even worry about it if I were you. :)

Me said...

It's totally true. I would make some porr boy a terrible girlfriend right now--when I am dating someone, I want to be able to actually put some energy into it, which I definitely can't do :)