Then why should I fear?

Monday, February 25, 2008 by Audrey

I recently got called to be an ordinance worker in the San Diego temple, and as I was being set apart on Thursday, I received some amazing promises. Along with a few I think are fairly standard (like that I'll have enough time to do everything I need to and still have time to go to the temple every week and leave the world behind), the member of the temple presidency told me I would meet "the special person I have been searching for" as I continue to do the Lord's work (and this will all be on the Lord’s timetable, of course). I knew it meant my husband, and there was no doubt in my mind that he meant another temple worker. I'd had that thought come into my mind a few times, but I kept pushing it back because, well, I have that thought come to mind with almost every single man who crosses my path (it's the BYU legacy, you know, to have constant marriage thoughts). It was interesting to have my premonitions independently corroborated. I know for a fact that I didn't mention anything about my feelings about dating or singleness as I talked with the member of the temple presidency. It came straight from God. After President Farner was done, he told me that he had said things in my setting apart that he had never been prompted to say as he set apart any others. It was amazing.

I had been praying to know if the Black Mountain Branch was where I should stay, since no one is dating and I really want to be somewhere where people date. I was wondering if I needed to move to a different ward, or even pull up my fledgling roots and move back to Utah. I was praying hard to find someone soon, because I was feeling really discouraged at the severe lack of opportunity in my current ward. And I was praying hard for a strong spiritual experience, since I was feeling really alone. And this one thing he said answered all my prayers. I need to stay in San Diego, so that I’ll continue to have the unique opportunity to be an ordinance worker. I wouldn’t get the same kind of opportunity in Utah, because there are so many people clamoring for the chance. And I don’t need to worry about the dating opportunities in the ward. I can take comfort in the fabulous Relief Society we have and work my hardest to make their lives better in my other new calling as RS 2nd Counselor. The spirit or love and comfort I felt in the temple as I was getting set apart was so strong that I’m still riding on the high, 4 days later. The Lord is aware of my righteous desire to marry and have a family, and he has not forgotten me! It’s such a powerful message and is one that I have really needed.

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Tolley Family said...

What an amazing experience!