How did I get to be so busy?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 by Audrey
Let's see...This week I went to the temple on Saturday for my first shift and it was great; we watched the CES broadcast on Sunday at our Branch President's house and then all the girls thanked him for his marriage talk that he gave us afterwards while all the boys continued to think that these constant marriage lessons don't apply to them :) I went to FHE and cuddled on a too-small chair with a cute boy; I went to Institute and we learned about Abinadi and then I went out to eat with the same cute boy (don't worry, I don't think anything is going to happen--because I know you're worrying, right? Right? :) ), today I have a meeting with the Stake Relief Society counselor to go over all the details of what I need to do in my calling, tomorrow we're having ward temple night and it's the first night of the RS/Elder's Quorum contest to see who gets the best temple attendance percentage in March (hint: The RS will win this round. We have 6 temple workers vs. the 2 the boys have, AND we always win). Friday I'm hosting a Johnny Depp movie night for the girls in the Relief Society as one of our Enrichment activities, and we are going to gorge ourselves on delicious chocolate treats :) And then I'm back at the temple on Saturday.

That's pretty much a normal week for me. How am I more busy now than I was when I was a full time student?

How has your week been?

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Tolley Family said...

YOu do sound busy. Can I invite myself to your JOhnny Depp movie night? YOu do know that twice I waited for eight hours to get to see the man right? And when he told Sara he was so pretty I about died? Sorry that is off topic. But it sounds like you are busy with lots of good stuff. And woo-hoo for eating and cuddling with cute guys!