Jane Eyre

Friday, July 31, 2009 by Audrey
I'm re-reading Jane Eyre. I must have been nine or ten when I first read it, and I remember I didn't much like it--I think it was probably a little beyond my reading level, and I didn't have any context for the emotions on display throughout the book. But now that I'm reading it again--Holy cow! I did not realize how truly strange this book was. The romantic hero advocating bigamy! Jane refusing to marry the clergyman St. John because she doesn't love him, him refusing to take her as his cousin because it wouldn't be proper!

One of my favorite lines, near the end of the book, after Jane has refused St. John's proposal of a quasi-marriage, where she would go to India and be a missionary with him: "I shall be absent a fortnight--take that space of time to consider my offer: and do not forget that if you reject it, it is not me you deny, but God." Such a Peter Priesthood--Mr. Collins character, who brings up his prompting that God has told him they are to be married!

I love this book. I'm reading it online at work, and it's really difficult to control my yelling at the screen at this point. What a life you live, Jane Eyre!

I will get up a post on the next ten books I've read in the next few days. The summer term is almost over and then I may feel like writing again. But, judging by the quantity of posting here? Not super likely.
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