Blind Date

Friday, January 19, 2007 by Audrey
I had a date last night, and let's just say it wasn't the greatest. My sister has a friend who has a brother who needed a date, and I said that I would. I'll go on a date with anyone once, unless he gives off that child molester vibe or has the chi-mo mustache. So he called me a couple of days ago to see what I was doing on Thursday night. I said that I didn't have anything going on, so he told me "I'll come sometime between 6 and 7 and I'll bring some games. See you then!" Wait, what? He's coming to my house? At an undefinite time? And doesn't really have anything planned? Crap.

I facebooked him, and found some information that was...a bit interesting. His main activities are swordfighting, role-playing, and computer games. His favorite games: Dungeoneer, World of Warcraft, and Star Control. Double crap. I don't mean to be mean to any group, but I'm not interested in any of those things. I'm one of those people who always made fun of the Quill and the Sword people and the guys who sit in their rooms playing Warcraft instead of meeting girls. I gave him the benefit of the doubt--at least he's trying to meet girls, right?

So I made sure I was home at 6 in case he came then, but I didn't really start any homework or do any of the productive things that I needed to do, because I hate starting something and then getting interrupted. Guess what time he came? 7:05. We sit on the couch and ask all the basic get-to-know-you questions, and it was fine. Although I don't agree with his assertion that video games are literature. Or with his decision to read nothing but science fiction. I like some sci-fi. But I like some of everything else, too. He asks if my roommates want to play Apples to Apples with us. I had told them earlier that if they could do anything to make this date less awkward, they should. So they came to play. (Although how was he to know that they wouldn't have other plans? What if no one else had been home? Grr.) We had fun, but then my roommates bailed out on me. So he pulls out....Dungeoneer. And starts to set it up without asking if I wanted to play.

We played for almost an hour. And then my roommates called to save me. I pretended that my sister was on the phone with a crisis situation and needed to talk to me, told L that I was sorry it had to end this way, and then talked on the phone until he left. I am a terrible person. Because I lied, yes, but also because I feel almost no remorse. I am never again going to agree to a blind date unless the person setting me up actually knows the person they want me to go on a date with.
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Nemesis said...

Wow. Yeah, that's some date. Sorry you got held hostage!

metamorphose said...


Sorry I shouldn't laugh.

Obviously, someone has a hard time playing out of his niche. He needs to just be set up with a fellower gamer like himself. Maybe he has Asperger's Syndrome, and doesn't have any interest in anything else. Or maybe he's just weird.

Either way. hahahahhahaha Blind dates can always be great blog fodder, right?