Tuesday, April 3, 2007 by Audrey
Today has been a good day. I made it to all my classes and didn't leave early from any of them (which, if you're suffering from senioritis to the same degree that I am, is a seriously impressive feat). I was in the library researching the different prescriptions on shall vs. will in 17th century grammars, and it took me what felt like forever to find anything relevant, but I finally hit the jackpot and found twice as much information as I'm going to need to write my paper (hint: facsimiles of 17th century English grammars are found in PE 1005 to PE 1009 in the Library of Congress classifications--try wandering the aisles until you find those, suckas! Yeah, that's my primary research method whenever I need to find books on grammar). My success made me feel so accomplished. I got Jamba Juice and it was great. I actually kind of liked the Italian movie that we watched in my French and Italian Cinema class. And I ran into one of my favorite former roommates and we gossiped for a while (now I understand what's going on in the 3-year saga of Shelly and Daniel's love! I was really wondering....)

It's funny how happy the really small things can make you feel.
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