Monday, April 9, 2007 by Audrey
So, I went to my professor at the end of class to turn in my usage report on shall vs. will, and he looked at it and said, "What is this?" Yes, the assignment changed on one of the days that I skipped last week. No, he didn't email anyone about this change. No, the change was not posted on Blackboard. I did about 3 times more work than the new assignment called for.

But Professor C was really happy with the work I did. He said he changed the assignment because the original one was "too hard." Yeah. It only took me three hours including research. If anyone in the class was complaining because it was too hard, they're a bunch of lazy babies. Because that was the easiest assignment I've had for a long time. At least he accepted my work.
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Cicada said...

You should employ my strategy: Turn in all assignments at least one day past their due date. Sure you get Cs and Ds because all your work is late, but I assure you, you never end up doing an assignment that you weren't supposed to do.