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Thursday, October 16, 2008 by Audrey
Today I was reading Sheila O'Malley, who is one of my favorite bloggers of all time for her reviews of movies and books. She gets to the core of why I like some movies and books in a way that I never could. This morning's post was a list of her top 25 most played songs in iTunes, because it's one of those things that a person just can't fake. A song doesn't get to be in the top unless you really love it more than the rest. Since I haven't blogged in ages, I thought I'd share mine just for kicks! I'm saving the best for last.

25. On the Table--A.C. Newman
24. The Tourist--Radiohead
23. Our Life is not a Movie or Maybe--Okkervil River
22. Love and Some Verses--Iron and Wine
21. This is a Problem--Great Northern
20. No Cars Go--Arcade Fire
19. Let Down--Radiohead
18. Nude--Radiohead
17. On and On and On--Wilco
16. Casimir Pulaski Day--Sufjan Stevens
15. No Surprises--Radiohead
14. Start a War--The National
13. Sons & Daughters--The Decemberists
12. Black Wave/Bad Vibrations--Arcade Fire
11. Fidelity--Regina Spektor
10. Cold Water--Damien Rice
9. Mornington Crescent--Belle & Sebastian
8. The Well and the Lighthouse--Arcade Fire
7. Chicago--Sufjan Stevens
6. Samson--Regina Spektor
5. Better--Regina Spektor
4. Only in Dreams--Weezer
3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi--Radiohead
2. Sea Legs--The Shins
1. Falling--Ben Kweller

The music I've been listening to the most lately is a little handicapped because it's new. I'm obsessed with the new Ra Ra Riot album, "The Rhumb Line." For music that I've only had a week, it's moving up quickly. I could also listen to the New Pornographers and Broken Social Scene all day. I have an hour and a half of commute each day, so I find that I need new music all the time! Do you have any recommendations?
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Brady said...
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Brady said...

Turns out my last post was to wrong edition of Randal's blog - he reviewed similar music/albums on his own site,, though I wouldn't be surprised if he posted again.

Audrey said...

Awesome, thanks!

Casey said...

Speaking of The Decemberists . . . you've seen their "Sixteen Military Wives" music video, right? That's definitely on my top five. :)

Audrey said...

I love how the USA's best friends are Korea, Poland, and...Mauritius? It makes me laugh every time.