Thursday, May 27, 2010 by Audrey
I have found it! My new favorite flower is the xerochrysum bracteatum or Golden Everlasting flower. I saw it at Home Depot and, while the full name wasn't on the plant, it gave me some ideas of what to look for on Google. Isn't it pretty?

I applied for four more jobs yesterday--in Greensboro, North Carolina; Berkeley; Lee County, Florida; and Escondido. That last one would be ideal because then I would have a legitimate reason to move back to North County--right now, it would be moving even further from work, which just isn't ideal. I'm so desperate for a library job it's not funny anymore--I need to get out of my current job. It's not challenging anymore and I'm bored nearly to tears every day. Do any of you know of any job openings at libraries where you are?

Shiva chewed a hole in the corner of my laptop sleeve. It was whole for less than 24 hours. Darn cats--I can never have nice things! Don't worry, it's fixable. But, still, obnoxious.
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