Free Time at last!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 by Audrey
I finished my final paper of the semester today and it feels great! This semester has been so busy and so good, but I'm glad it's over and I'll have some breathing room for a few weeks before summer term starts. I took the day off work so I could finish the paper, but I got that done early and then did other necessary stuff--washed my sheets and towels, updated my resume and cover letter, watched Chuck and Glee (how have I not been watching Glee until now? It's awesome!), and sewed a laptop sleeve so I can put it in my regular backpack. The other night I was so excited for the upcoming family reunion that I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about how I was going to pack. Yes, pack. I'm a huge dork. Anyway, here's the laptop sleeve in all its glory! I'm quite proud. Pattern from here.

Other fun stuff from the semester:

Walter (the kitten) loves to sit on top of Shiva and squish her with his love. He tries to lick her to death. It's awesome. Poor Shiva. She looks so resigned to her fate.

I found some flowers at the farmer's market and they are my new favorite. But, I don't have any idea what they are. Any ideas? They feel like dried flowers, but they last for weeks in a vase of water.

I can't stop listening to my favorite music from middle school and early high school. I'm obsessed. I requested a bunch of CDs from the library and now I have a bunch of Blink-182, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, Eve 6, Nirvana, and No Doubt. I even requested the original Now That's Call Music just to remember what I used to listen to. It's a nice break from the folky indie stuff I'm loving now--Devendra Barnhart, Grizzly Bear, and Iron and Wine are all wonderful, but sometimes you just need an old school pop rock binge to make everything feel awesome again.

Life is awesome!
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